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Common fabric discrimination methods

In daily shopping, many people will encounter such problems, such as "what is the material of the clothes", "will this material be deformed after washing", etc. In order to understand the common fabrics, I have sorted it out. How to distinguish some common fabrics.

The first type: hemp

It is a kind of plant fiber, known as a cool and noble fiber. It has good hygroscopicity, releases moisture quickly, is not easy to generate static electricity, heat conduction, rapid heat dissipation, cool to wear, not close to the body after sweating, more washable, good heat resistance .

The second kind: Mulberry silk

Natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, shiny, warm in winter and cool in summer, unique "singing" phenomenon when rubbed, good extensibility, good heat resistance, and not resistant to salt water erosion , It is not suitable to use chlorine bleach or detergent.

The third type: artificial cotton

It is made of wood, cotton linters, reeds and other natural cellulose-containing materials and chemical materials. It has the basic properties of natural fibers, good dyeing performance, good fastness, good drape, good moisture absorption, cool wearing, and not easy to generate static electricity. Fuzzing and pilling.

The fourth type: polyester

It belongs to polyester fiber, has excellent elasticity and recovery, the fabric is firm, does not wrinkle, has good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durable and has excellent light resistance, but it is easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust and moisture. Poor sex.

The fifth type: plush

Also known as sea tiger velvet, the fluff is flat and erect, the hair is dense and firm, has good warmth retention, the suede is bright and soft, the hand feels plump and thick, warm and light, and has good durability.

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What are the common textile fabrics?

Cotton is one of the most common fabrics in the textile field, but of course there are many different types of cotton, after different processes cotton also has different characteristics, such as combed cotton, washed cotton, etc., but cotton has good moisture absorption and breathability, soft touch and excellent warmth to make the fabric more comfortable to wear.

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What is a laminated fabric?

Lamination fabric is a new type of material made of one or more layers of textile, non-woven and other functional materials bonded together;

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What kind of fabric is polyester silk?

Polyester silk is polyester filament, polyester silk is a fabric woven with super hollow construction silk (hollow rate 35%~40%), it contains a lot of stagnant air, light and warm, but moderate ventilation performance, no stuffy feeling, polyester yarn is low cost, can be used for garment lining, necktie, embroidery thread, thermal underwear, etc. It is rough to touch, not as smooth as real silk, but good luster, mainly used for men's necktie.

01 Feb,2023

Basic concepts of knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics are fabrics formed by using knitting needles to bend the yarns into loops and string them together. The difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics is that the yarns are in a different form in the fabric.



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