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Talking about the development of new knitted fabrics

In today's society that pursues health, environmental protection and fashion, the requirements for clothing fabrics and taste are unprecedentedly increased. Since people demand such fabrics, knitted fabric companies will also follow the current trend and develop new knitted fabrics to ensure that knitting companies can continue to develop. Next, I will talk about the development of knitted fabrics.

In addition to changes in the organizational structure of knitted fabrics, new weft knitted fabrics also require new textile materials to cooperate with the development of new fabrics. For example, in addition to the modal and Tencel yarns that became popular in 2002, more soybean fibers and bamboo are now used. Fiber, corn fiber, differentiated fiber, etc., are all new materials.    

Now that the new materials have been successfully developed, the next step is when knitting companies develop new fabrics. What is the style of the fabric? This is also a question of the positioning of knitting companies. There is also how dyeing and finishing companies cooperate with knitting factories to develop new fabrics. We should also discuss it together. The production of each new fabric requires small samples and medium samples in an effort to achieve the best effect of the fabric. The initial investment and income are not equals, and they will lose money more or less, but I hope that tomorrow, there will be gains if you pay, but not now, but the technology is mature, and mass production will taste the sweetness. .

Among the varieties of underwear knitted fabrics, most of them are stretch fabrics based on cotton, and some differentiated fiber blended fabric stretch fabrics. The fabric is themed with warmth, requiring lightness, thinness, warmth, comfort and environmental protection. But now underwear knitted fabrics are made of single-sided 28-pin ginseng woven spandex, which becomes a single-sided stretch fabric. Although the weight of 40s cotton yarn can reach 160 grams, the stretch and texture have been severely deformed. It just feels light and does not keep warm. Less drape. If the weight is 190 grams, the price of new materials will be more expensive, and the cost of a piece of clothing will increase accordingly. Therefore, how to make garments use good underwear fabrics more reasonably is what our knitting enterprises do.

To achieve light, warm and comfortable fabrics, firstly, the use of fiber materials is required, the second is the breakthrough of knitting machinery, and the third is the coordination of post-dyeing and finishing processes. In the knitting machine, change the traditional 28 needles and use 32 knitting to make 50s bamboo fiber yarn + 15D spandex. In this way, the weight can be 150 grams, but the texture is still delicate, warm, elastic and drape. Good, comfortable to wear, low cost. It truly gives the underwear fabric lightness, thinness, warmth, comfort, environmental protection, health and skin care. This is also the trend of future fabric development.

In terms of post-treatment dyeing and finishing, because the fabric is thin and easy to hook and rotten, so pay attention to the use of the tank during dyeing and finishing. Also, the yarn is thin, and the strength is definitely not as good as roving. The tension of the dyeing and finishing should be appropriate, and the auxiliary agent The proper use of satin is also necessary, in an effort to minimize the damage to the fiber organization, and draw a perfect end to the development of new fabrics.

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